Horoscope for October 24

by in Quote on October 24, 2007


It’s up to you to find new ways to do the same old things now that the Moon is in your 6th House of Familiar Routine. Your habits have become a bit stale, so it’s certainly time to spice them up. Although you may be rather cautious now, don’t be afraid to try something different. Paradoxically, you can make your life more enjoyable and more stable by breaking up the stuck patterns.

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In the morning, you may have trouble discerning whether events you remember happened just yesterday or in your oddly realistic dreams. Take this as a sign you need more relaxing sleep, and laugh off any errors.


Happy Birthday! The Sun alights on your sign today and you are ready to spring into action. It seems as though all the energy and action is immediate and in your face. Think you have a good idea of who you are? Wonderful! Let everyone know. Today you can present yourself favorably to any opposition towards your opinions, gaining admiration at the same time. Assert yourself anew!

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