what you see and what it means

by in Questionnaire on April 3, 2007

From Garro. He actually asked me these questions one-on-one via YM.

Answer these questions. See what they mean after the jump.

1. You’re walking in a forest. Who do you see with you?

2. You see an animal. What is it?

3. What do you then do, with regards to the animal?
Watch it. Hope it doesn’t go away.

4. Eventually you come into a clearing where your house is. What is it like? How big is it?
Not too big. Cozy enough.

5. Is there a fence around it? Describe it.
None. Bushes, maybe.

6. You enter the house, and see a table. What’s on it, if any?
A vase of flowers.

7. In the kitchen you find a cup. What does it look like?
Looks like a coffee cup. But not porcelain. Ceramickkkkk.

8. What, then, do you do with it?
I look at what’s inside and sniff it.

9. You go out the to your back yard. There’s a body of water. Describe it.
I’d love for it to be a lake. About the same size of the house… Sabi ni Garro pond na yun, hindi lake.

10. For some reason, you have to cross it. How do you do it?
Ride a boat?

whoever you answered in #1 is the most important person in your life right now.
the size of the animal you answered in #2 reflects how big your problems are at the moment.
your answer to #3 indicates how you handle your problems.
the size of your house shows how determined you are to solve your problems.
the fence describes how open you are to people.
if there’s anything on your table, that means you’re happy. if it’s empty then you’re sad.
the cup you find describes what you think of the person in #1.
what you do with the cup is how you treat #1.
the size of the body of water reflects your passion for #1.
finally, how wet you get crossing that body of water shows how sure you are about that person.

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