by in List on July 6, 2007

A – Age: 21

B – Bands Listening To Right Now: Uh, Black Stones vs. Trapnest? Lately all I’ve been listening to are orchestras because of Nodame Cantabile, though.

C – Career: Geek

D – Drink or Smoke: Neither

E – Easiest Friends To Talk To: (Of course my best friend would be on top of the list ^_^)

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Both, actually

H – Have a Boyfriend: :D

I – In love: With Chiaki hugging Nodame from behind.

J – Junk Food You Like: Piattos will always be a classic

K – Kids: I look like one

L – Longest Ride Ever: 12+ hours from Manila to Ilocos Norte

N – Names For Your Future Kids: Not seriously thinking of any

O – One Wish You Have Now: To feel less of a lazy person

P – Phobias: None that I know of

Q – Favorite Quote: “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been.'” –John Greenleaf Whittier (1807 -1892) Maud Muller

R – Reasons To Smile: It’s Friday! It’s 7-7-7 tomorrow! I’m meeting Sampip tomorrow!

S – Sleeping Hours: After midnight

T – Time You Woke Up: 8:30 am

U – Unknown Fact About You: Secret.

V – Vegetable You Hate: Ampalaya, I guess.

W – Worst Habit: Temper

X – X-rays You’ve Had: Chest for school, and jaw/teeth—which was really uncomfortable and painful.

Y – Yummy Foods: Lahat!

Z – Zodiac Sign: Scorpio!

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