A list of loading phrases from Picnik’s photo editor

by in List on September 16, 2009

Edit: Found a GIF!

loading phrases from Picnik's photo editor

Laying blanket
Fluffing clouds
Growing grass
Buttering sandwiches
Coloring sky
Blooming blossoms
Floating kites
Cueing bird songs
Stealing picnik basket

Will add more if I find new ones.

By 30

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Since it’s almost time for a quarterlife crisis: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30:

By 30, you should have:

  1. One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come.
  2. A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.
  3. Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.
  4. A purse, a suitcase and an umbrella you’re not ashamed to be seen carrying.
  5. A youth you’re content to move beyond.
  6. A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age.
  7. The realization that you are actually going to have an old age—and some money set aside to help fund it.
  8. An e-mail address, a voice mailbox and a bank account—all of which nobody has access to but you.
  9. A résumé that is not even the slightest bit padded.
  10. One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.
  11. A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra.
  12. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.
  13. The belief that you deserve it.
  14. A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don’t get better after 30.
  15. A solid start on a satisfying career, a satisfying relationship and all those other facets of life that do get better.

By 30, you should know:

  1. How to fall in love without losing yourself.
  2. How you feel about having kids.
  3. How to quit a job, break up with a man and confront a friend without ruining the friendship.
  4. When to try harder and when to walk away.
  5. How to kiss in a way that communicates perfectly what you would and wouldn’t like to happen next.
  6. The names of: the secretary of state, your great-grandmother and the best tailor in town.
  7. How to live alone, even if you don’t like to.
  8. How to take control of your own birthday.
  9. That you can’t change the length of your calves, the width of your hips or the nature of your parents.
  10. That your childhood may not have been perfect, but it’s over.
  11. What you would and wouldn’t do for money or love.
  12. That nobody gets away with smoking, drinking, doing drugs or not flossing for very long.
  13. Who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally.
  14. Not to apologize for something that isn’t your fault.
  15. Why they say life begins at 30.

(Via Helga)

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At Age 22

by in List on February 12, 2008

At age 22:

Charles Darwin set off as ship’s naturalist on a voyage to South America and the Galapagos Islands.

James Joyce left his family, his church and his country for the European continent, in order to become a writer.

By 22, Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget received his Ph.D., published 20 articles, and wrote a philosophical novel that outlined many of the issues he would explore during his career.

Caresse Crosby became the first person to patent a brassiere, which was made of two handkerchiefs and ribbon sewn together.

The Greek orator Demosthenes, orphaned at age 7, took his guardians to court when he was 22 for misusing his inheritance. He won the case.

Olympic runner Herbert James Elliott, ranked by many as the greatest mile runner ever, retired undefeated at 22.

U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz won a record 7 Olympic gold medals.

Inventor Samuel Colt patented the Colt six-shooter revolver.

Cyrus Hall McCormick invented the McCormick reaper, which allowed one man to do the work of five.

Dia DiCristino survived 11 brain surgeries when she was 22.

Rachel Castens broke both of her femurs in a snowboarding meeting with a tree, had titanium rods placed in each bone, and walked the next morning. (With the help of a walker, but walked all the same.)

By the age of 22, Anna Ellis had been clean and sober for two years.

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Unvisited UP

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This thread in Flickr got me thinking. Where haven’t I been in UP Diliman?

Visitor Information Center
Didn’t get the free map in freshman year.

Those cubic sculptures before CP Garcia Ave.
Only those pointy checkpoints.

Albert Hall
Beside Villadolid Hall.

Benton Hall
Between Palma Hall Annex (PHAN) and Palma Hall.

Owl’s Nest
Across the Physics Pavilion.

International Center
I have no foreigner classmates!

Church of the Risen Lord
Not Born Again!

Swimming Pool
But yes to the Arcade! Had ice cream and my school uniforms sewn there when I was a kid.

UP Tennis Club

Archery Range

National Center for Transporation Studies (NCTS)
Near Melchor Hall and DILC and the Sundial.

UP Center for Women’s Studies
Beside the Ballet Room.

School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP)

School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR)

National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG)

Campus Maintenance Office (CMO)
It burned down already. I think.

New College of Architecture Building
Near CMO.

Equine Stud Farm
Along CP Garcia.

New Office of the University Registrar (OUR)

Executive House
Only the driveway. Nestled deep in the woods and atop a hill.

Marine Science Institute (MSI)

Child Development Center

Health Education Center

But yes to PNRI! The dinosaur egg!

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Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2011

by in List on February 4, 2008

Does this list make you feel old?

  1. What Berlin wall?
  2. Humvees, minus the artillery, have always been available to the public.
  3. Rush Limbaugh and the “Dittoheads” have always been lambasting liberals.
  4. They never “rolled down” a car window.
  5. Michael Moore has always been angry and funny.
  6. They may confuse the Keating Five with a rock group.
  7. They have grown up with bottled water.
  8. General Motors has always been working on an electric car.
  9. Nelson Mandela has always been free and a force in South Africa.
  10. Pete Rose has never played baseball.
  11. Rap music has always been mainstream.
  12. Religious leaders have always been telling politicians what to do, or else!
  13. “Off the hook” has never had anything to do with a telephone.
  14. Music has always been “unplugged.”
  15. Russia has always had a multi-party political system.
  16. Women have always been police chiefs in major cities.
  17. They were born the year Harvard Law Review Editor Barack Obama announced he might run for office some day.
  18. The NBA season has always gone on and on and on and on.
  19. Classmates could include Michelle Wie, Jordin Sparks, and Bart Simpson.
  20. Half of them may have been members of the Baby-sitters Club.
  21. Eastern Airlines has never “earned their wings” in their lifetime.
  22. No one has ever been able to sit down comfortably to a meal of “liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”
  23. Wal-Mart has always been a larger retailer than Sears and has always employed more workers than GM.
  24. Being “lame” has to do with being dumb or inarticulate, not disabled.
  25. Wolf Blitzer has always been serving up the news on CNN.
  26. Katie Couric has always had screen cred.
  27. Al Gore has always been running for president or thinking about it.
  28. They never found a prize in a Coca-Cola “MagiCan.”
  29. They were too young to understand Judas Priest’s subliminal messages.
  30. When all else fails, the Prozac defense has always been a possibility.
  31. Multigrain chips have always provided healthful junk food.
  32. They grew up in Wayne’s World.
  33. U2 has always been more than a spy plane.
  34. They were introduced to Jack Nicholson as “The Joker.”
  35. Stadiums, rock tours and sporting events have always had corporate names.
  36. American rock groups have always appeared in Moscow.
  37. Commercial product placements have been the norm in films and on TV.
  38. On Parents’ Day on campus, their folks could be mixing it up with Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz with daughter Zöe, or Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford with son Cody.
  39. Fox has always been a major network.
  40. They drove their parents crazy with the Beavis and Butt-Head laugh.
  41. The “Blue Man Group” has always been everywhere.
  42. Women’s studies majors have always been offered on campus.
  43. Being a latchkey kid has never been a big deal.
  44. Thanks to MySpace and Facebook, autobiography can happen in real time.
  45. They learned about JFK from Oliver Stone and Malcolm X from Spike Lee.
  46. Most phone calls have never been private.
  47. High definition television has always been available.
  48. Microbreweries have always been ubiquitous.
  49. Virtual reality has always been available when the real thing failed.
  50. Smoking has never been allowed in public spaces in France.
  51. China has always been more interested in making money than in reeducation.
  52. Time has always worked with Warner.
  53. Tiananmen Square is a 2008 Olympics venue, not the scene of a massacre.
  54. The purchase of ivory has always been banned.
  55. MTV has never featured music videos.
  56. The space program has never really caught their attention except in disasters.
  57. Jerry Springer has always been lowering the level of discourse on TV.
  58. They get much more information from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert than from the newspaper.
  59. They’re always texting 1 n other.
  60. They will encounter roughly equal numbers of female and male professors in the classroom.
  61. They never saw Johnny Carson live on television.
  62. They have no idea who Rusty Jones was or why he said “goodbye to rusty cars.”
  63. Avatars have nothing to do with Hindu deities.
  64. Chavez has nothing to do with iceberg lettuce and everything to do with oil.
  65. Illinois has been trying to ban smoking since the year they were born.
  66. The World Wide Web has been an online tool since they were born.
  67. Chronic fatigue syndrome has always been debilitating and controversial.
  68. Burma has always been Myanmar.
  69. Dilbert has always been ridiculing cubicle culture.
  70. Food packaging has always included nutritional labeling.
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Why 5 Million?

by in List on November 23, 2007


WANTED: FIVE MILLION HEROES to help your country!

You are the HERO your country needs, if you are willing to:

1. BUY FILIPINO MADE PRODUCTS to create more industries and JOBS;
Team Manila!

2. SAVE 10% of your income in our local banks to increase domestic capital;
I have a Landbank and a Unionbank account. Does the latter count?

3. LEARN A NEW BUSINESS and keep yourself productive all the time;
Editing comics? Calling travel agencies? Those aside, I’m far more productive than anyone else in this household, even if I sleep 12 hours a day.

4. INVITE RELATIVES RESIDING ABROAD to visit the Philippines once or twice a year to boost Philippine Tourism;
We don’t need to ask them to do that. They already do.

5. INVEST ON AGRICULTURAL VENTURES to ensure food supply for the Filipino family;
Virgin Coconut Oil? I’m not that entrepreneurial yet.

6. RESPECT PROPERTY RIGHTS, FOLLOW ALL LAWS & REGULATIONS, AND BE HONEST to achieve a just and orderly Philippine society;
Snort. Giggle. Sneer.

If all FIVE MILLION started a cooperative, wouldn’t that saturate the market?

8. CUT-DOWN ON ENTERTAINMENT EXPENSES to teach children the value of sacrifice and hard work;
I have no life. There’s nothing to cut down on.

9. INCREASE YOUR INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTIVITY BY 20% to become globally competitive;
It’s increasing. In a see-saw fashion.

Whut. How can I reduce tariffs???

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by in List on July 6, 2007

A – Age: 21

B – Bands Listening To Right Now: Uh, Black Stones vs. Trapnest? Lately all I’ve been listening to are orchestras because of Nodame Cantabile, though.

C – Career: Geek

D – Drink or Smoke: Neither

E – Easiest Friends To Talk To: (Of course my best friend would be on top of the list ^_^)

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Both, actually

H – Have a Boyfriend: :D

I – In love: With Chiaki hugging Nodame from behind.

J – Junk Food You Like: Piattos will always be a classic

K – Kids: I look like one

L – Longest Ride Ever: 12+ hours from Manila to Ilocos Norte

N – Names For Your Future Kids: Not seriously thinking of any

O – One Wish You Have Now: To feel less of a lazy person

P – Phobias: None that I know of

Q – Favorite Quote: “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been.'” –John Greenleaf Whittier (1807 -1892) Maud Muller

R – Reasons To Smile: It’s Friday! It’s 7-7-7 tomorrow! I’m meeting Sampip tomorrow!

S – Sleeping Hours: After midnight

T – Time You Woke Up: 8:30 am

U – Unknown Fact About You: Secret.

V – Vegetable You Hate: Ampalaya, I guess.

W – Worst Habit: Temper

X – X-rays You’ve Had: Chest for school, and jaw/teeth—which was really uncomfortable and painful.

Y – Yummy Foods: Lahat!

Z – Zodiac Sign: Scorpio!

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4 Things

by in List on July 1, 2007

1. web designer
2. web project manager
3. graphic designer
4. problogger

1. richie rich
2. the sound of music
3. independence day
4. disney movies

1. bf homes, paranaque
2. teachers village, qc
3. hardin ng rosas, up diliman, qc
4. purok aguinaldo, up diliman, qc

1. gilmore girls
2. desperate housewives
3. ugly betty
4. grey’s anatomy

1. ilocos norte
2. northern samar
3. batangas
4. pangasinan

1. japanese
2. pasta
3. chicken barbeque
4. bird’s nest soup

1. at the mall
2. in up
3. out of town
4. out of the country!

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by in List on June 19, 2007

My Score: 7; WTFs: 2

x = Somewhat
xx = Greater
xxx = Huge enormous crippling OMG fear

[ ] Achluophobia – Fear of darkness
[ ] Acrophobia – Fear of heights.
[ ] Agliophobia – Fear of pain.
[ ] Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces or crowds.
[ ] Aichmophobia – Fear of needles or pointed objects.
[ ] Amaxophobia – Fear of riding in a car.
[ ] Androphobia – Fear of men.
[ ] Anginophobia – Fear of angina or choking.
[ ] Anthrophobia – Fear of flowers.
[ ] Anthropophobia – Fear of people or society.
[ ] Aphenphosmphobia – Fear of being touched.
[x] Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders. [[The huge ones.]]
[ ] Arithmophobia – Fear of numbers.
[ ] Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning.
[ ] Ataxophobia – Fear of disorder or untidiness.
[ ] Atelophobia – Fear of imperfection.
[x] Atychiphobia – Fear of failure.
[x] Autophobia – Fear of being alone.

[ ] Bacteriophobia – Fear of bacteria.
[ ] Barophobia – Fear of gravity.
[ ] Bathmophobia – Fear of stairs or steep slopes
[ ] Batrachophobia – Fear of amphibians.
[ ] Bibliophobia – Fear of books.
[ ] Botanophobia – Fear of plants.

[ ] Cacophobia – Fear of ugliness.
[x] Catagelophobia – Fear of being ridiculed publicly.
[ ] Catoptrophobia – Fear of mirrors.
[ ] Chionophobia – Fear of snow.
[ ] Chromophobia – Fear of colors.
[ ] Chronomentrophobia – Fear of clocks.
[ ] Claustrophobia – Fear of confined spaces.
[ ] Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns. [[I never really got this phobia. I still wonder why people have it.]]
[ ] Cyberphobia – Fear of computers.
[ ] Cynophobia – Fear of dogs. [[Maybe when they’re rabid.]]
[ ] Hinargophobia – Fear of people with tails.
[ ] Dendrophobia – Fear of trees.
[ ] Dentophobia – Fear of dentists.
[ ] Domatophobia – Fear of houses.
[ ] Dystychiphobia – Fear of accidents.

[ ] Ecophobia – Fear of the home.
[ ] Elurophobia – Fear of cats.
[ ] Ephebiphobia – Fear of teenagers.
[ ] Equinophobia – Fear of horses.

[ ] Gamophobia – Fear of marriage.
[ ] Genuphobia – Fear of knees. [[WTF]]
[ ] Glossophobia – Fear of speaking in public.
[ ] Gynophobia – Fear of women. [[I pity people with this phobia.]]

[ ] Heliophobia – Fear of the sun.
[ ] Hemophobia – Fear of blood.
[ ] Herpetophobia – Fear of reptiles.
[ ] Hydrophobia – Fear of water.

[ ] Iatrophobia – Fear of doctors.
[x] Insectophobia – Fear of insects. [[Cockroaches. Flying cockroaches.]]

[ ] Koinoniphobia – Fear of rooms.

[ ] Leukophobia – Fear of the color white.
[ ] Lilapsophobia – Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.
[ ] Lockiophobia – Fear of childbirth.

[ ] Mageirocophobia – Fear of cooking.
[ ] Melanophobia – Fear of the color black.
[ ] Microphobia – Fear of small things.
[ ] Mysophobia – Fear of dirt and germs.

[x] Necrophobia – Fear of death or dead things.
[ ] Noctiphobia – Fear of the night.
[ ] Nosocomephobia – Fear of hospitals.

[ ] Obesophobia – Fear of gaining weight.
[ ] Octophobia – Fear of the figure 8.
[ ] Ombrophobia – Fear of rain.
[x] Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes.
[ ] Ornithophobia – Fear of birds.

[ ] Papyrophobia – Fear of paper.
[ ] Parastitaphobia – Fear of parasites.
[ ] Pathophobia – Fear of disease.
[ ] Pedophobia – Fear of children.
[ ] Philophobia – Fear of love. [[Takot kay Kimpo. Haha.]]
[ ] Phobophobia – Fear of being afraid.
[ ] Podophobia – Fear of feet.
[ ] Porphyrophobia – Fear of the color purple.
[ ] Pteridophobia – Fear of ferns.
[ ] Pteromerhanophobia – Fear of flying.
[ ] Pyrophobia – Fear of fire.

[ ] Scolionophobia – Fear of school.
[ ] Selenophobia – Fear of the moon.
[ ] Sociophobia – Fear of social evaluation.
[ ] Somniphobia – Fear of sleep.

[ ] Tachophobia – Fear of speed.
[ ] Technophobia – Fear of technology.
[ ] Tonitrophobia – Fear of thunder.
[ ] Trypanophobia – Fear of injections.

[ ] Venustraphobia – Fear of beautiful women. [[WTF]]
[ ] Verminophobia – Fear of germs.
[ ] Wiccaphobia – Fear of witches and witchcraft.
[ ] Xenophobia – Fear of strangers. [[No, Garro, I am not xenophobic.]]
[ ] Zoophobia – Fear of animals.

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by in List on June 4, 2007

Comments inside [[ ]].

( ) worried about getting bullied by fratmen or getting killed in a riot
( ) got bullied by fratmen or was killed in a riot
( ) witnessed a riot
( ) watched the oblation run
(x) made friends with a teacher
(x) was tricked as a freshman into attending a rally / prayer meeting
(x) wore red or black on one of those wear red or wear black days
( ) wore red on Valentines Day
( ) wore black on Valentine’s Day
( ) celebrated a birthday at Mang Jimmy’s
(x) learned UP Naming Mahal
(x) got on the dean’s list
(x) slept on a bench
(x) was an RA (registration assistant) or SA
(x) jogged around the campus [[ROTC!]]
(x) visited the Vargas Museum
(x) knew at least one xerox lady, manong, or technician by name
(x) attended university level graduation
(x) got an activist for a teacher
( ) itched from higad bites
( ) had gotten a 5.0 in something
(x) had taken a crap in school
(x) watched a La Salle vs. Ateneo UAAP game
(x) watched a UP vs. any school basketball game
(x) gave a powerpoint presentation
(x) studied in CASAA
(x) studied in McDonald’s or Jollibee Philcoa for one full night and bought just one regular-sized drink
(x) studied along Katipunan
( ) studied along Katipunan and affected the mannerisms of a stereotypical Atenean (accent and all)
(x) watch a play that’s not required for CommIII
( ) went stargazing
(x) ate in Chocolate Kiss, Tea Room (in CHE) or Chateau Verde
(x) slept in the lib
( ) struck up a conversation with a taong grasa
( ) wrote to / for the Collegian
( ) seriously pondered about the identity/ies of the people described in Eksenang Peyups
(x) went to the chapel
( ) got a pebble stuck in your shoe/slippers while walking in Sunken Garden
(x) cut class with your block to watch a movie
(x) had a voltes V for a teacher
( ) took a class under Joseph Palis
(x) went to a Freshman-only concert
(x) subsisted on just streetfood (fishballs, half footlongs, kwekwek, squidballs/rolls, mais, dirty ice cream) for a day
( ) learned how to smoke
( ) went on an out-of-town trip during a break with blockmates or orgmates
(x) fell in love
(x) actually read the book you keep borrowing from the lib
(x) played cards during your free time
(x) dress in business attire
( ) sumabit sa jeep
( ) got sung to or sung to someone in class during Valentine’s day
(x) watched the lantern parade
(x) helped out a total stranger
( ) helped out a total stranger because he/she was hot
(x) learned to stay awake for more than 24 48 hours straight
( ) got bullied by fratmen and feeling cool wannabe people who were actually losers
(x) took Wednesday and/or Sat classes WILLINGLY
( ) volunteered for the pahinungod
(x) ate “tasteless white sauce” pasta from cock-a-noodle-doo
(x) got a boyfriend/girlfriend
(x) took time to read the vandalism in the CR
( ) watched a sexy art film for any GE class
( ) got held up or pickpocketed
( ) felt depressed because you were not as good academically (or popular) as you were in high school
(x) did a last minute paper
(x) had spent a lot for 1×1 ID pictures
(x) got exempted from final exams
( ) got exempted from a final exam but still took it
( ) attended a varsity pep rally
(x) watched LIVE AIDS, Androgyny, Maskipaps or any well-known variety show
( ) promised to quit smoking
( ) got into at least one (org- or council-sponsored) adventure race
(x) knew where the best restrooms are on campus
(x) joined an org
(x) allowed yourself to make mistakes
( ) went to the gym in spite of having no PE class just to ogle varsity players / cute boys
(x) took summer classes
(x) admired the oblation
(x) made a video for a project
( ) had a crush on a teacher
( ) had a teacher who had a crush on / tried to court you
( ) attended your ROTC Bivouac
(x) faked sickness to get an absence excused
( ) got your car scratched by one of those “kuya bantayan ko kotse niyo” kids
( ) took a PE class where you had to pay for tuition (i.e. sportsclimbing, ten pin bowling, scuba diving, etC)
( ) went to school in your crappiest yet most comfy clothes
(x) learned how to use the Bayantel pay phones
(x) participated in school activities
( ) caught the UP Pep Tryouts
(x) dated someone from UP
(x) rode an IKOT and TOKI
(x) found a tambayan
( ) went drinking at Sarah’s
(x) learned how to beg for a higher grade
(x) used your 6 allowable absences wisely
( ) lived in a dorm
(x) volunteered to be beadle or go-to guy for your group / class
( ) had the worst schedule
(x) realized that there really is just one coconut tree on the sunken garden
(x) not used up all 6 allowable absences
(x) ate in ISSI, Treehouse, Mama Thai’s and other more obscure cafeterias [[Except the Thai one.]]
(x) ate food Aristocart-style
(x) was active in your org
( ) attended an ACLE
(x) got as many app forms as you can during the job fair
(x) learned how to cram [[I already knew how.]]
(x) sold tickets for (or watch) an org-sponsored movie premiere
( ) saved money to Xerox all of your seatmate’s notes
(x) had accidentally seen a make-out session
( ) slept in class
(x) finished a homework / assignment / paper in the shopping center or philcoa
(x) had mountains of unused sample exams and/or old testaments (O.T.’s)
(x) resolved to be “better this semester”
(x) slept during a test
(x) had groupmates from hell (ie no-shows, babblers, dependents, airheads, dreamers, idea stealers, plagiarists)
(x) learned how to work with groupmates from hell
( ) perfected the art of parking on campus
( ) had a bad encounter with one of the guards on campus
(x) developed a love for sisig [[Mang Jimmy’s!]]
(x) practiced those UP cheers in the first meeting for PE class
(x) looked at microfilms in the library or poked through archives [[Waaay before I entered UP. ;)]]
(x) reserved a classroom, AVR, etc. for a class or org function
(x) attended UP Fair [[Not the concert.]]
(x) went to a library other than your own college’s to research (Main, CHE, SOLAIR, NCPAG) [[MassComm.]]
( ) lost a perfectly functioning umbrella
(x) used consultation hours properly
( ) went to the Guidance Office for real, heart-to-heart guidance
(x) went to the infirmatay

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by in List on March 28, 2007

Here’s the gig. Go to musicoutfitters.com. Type the year of your high school graduation into the search function. Retrieve the Top 100 songs from that year. Strike through the songs you hate(d). Bold the songs you like(d). Underline the songs you love(d). Leave blank those you don’t care about or don’t remember. Annotate at will.

I’ll use the <em> tag for the underline.

1. A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton
2. Get The Party Started, Pink
3. Complicated, Avril Lavigne
4. Dilemma, Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland
5. In The End, Linkin Park
6. Ain’t It Funny, Jennifer Lopez
7. U Got It, Bad Usher
8. All You Wanted, Michelle Branch
9. Don’t Let Me Get Me, Pink
10. Hot In Herre, Nelly
11. Hey Baby, No Doubt
12. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, Kylie Minogue
13. Lose Yourself, Eminem
14. The Middle, Jimmy Eat World
15. The Game Of Love, Santana featuring Michelle Branch
16. U Don’t Have To Call, Usher
17. Like I Love You, Justin Timberlake
18. Girlfriend, ‘N Sync
19. Wherever You Will Go, The Calling
20. My Sacrifice, Creed
21. Ordinary Day, Vanessa Carlton
22. Underneath It All, No Doubt
23. Jenny From The Block, Jennifer Lopez
24. Just Like A Pill, Pink
25. Blurry, Puddle Of Mudd
26. Gangsta Lovin’, Eve featuring Alicia Keys
27. Hero, Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott
28. Days Go By, Dirty Vegas
29. Foolish, Ashanti
30. Escape, Enrique Iglesias
31. Without Me, Eminem
32. No Such Thing, John Mayer
33. Can’t Fight The Moonlight, LeAnn Rimes
34. Hella Good, No Doubt
35. Heaven, DJ Sammy & Yanou
36. Whenever, Wherever, Shakira
37. Family Portrait, Pink
38. One Last Breath, Creed
39. 7 Days, Craig David
40. Hands Clean, Alanis Morissette
41. Die Another Day, Madonna
42. Sk8er Boi, Avril Lavigne
43. A Woman’s Worth, Alicia Keys
44. Love At First Sight, Kylie Minogue
45. Underneath Your Clothes, Shakira
46. I Need A Girl (Part One), P. Diddy featuring Usher & Loon
47. Full Moon, Brandy
48. Wasting My Time, Default
49. Soak Up The Sun, Sheryl Crow
50. Gotta Get Thru This, Daniel Bedingfield
51. Always On Time, Ja Rule featuring Ashanti
52. #1, Nelly
53. Livin’ It Up, Ja Rule featuring Case
54. Goodbye To You, Michelle Branch
55. If I Could Go, Angie Martinez
56. Stole, Kelly Rowland
57. Just A Friend 2002, Mario [I want Too Phat’s.]
58. Roll Out (My Business), Ludacris
59. I’m Gonna Be Alright, Jennifer Lopez featuring Nas
60. Happy, Ashanti
61. No More Drama, Mary J. Blige
62. Somewhere Out There, Our Lady Peace
63. Video, India Arie
64. Walking Away, Craig David
65. A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson
66. Rainy Dayz, Mary J. Blige featuring Ja Rule
67. What About Us?, Brandy
68. I Need A Girl (Part Two), P. Diddy & Ginuwine featuring Loon, Mario Winans & Tammy Rugger
69. (This Is) A Song For The Lonely, Cher
70. What’s Luv?, Fat Joe featuring Ashanti
71. A New Day Has Come, Celine Dion
72. The Whole World, Outkast
73. Hey Ma, Cam’ron
74. More Than A Woman, Aaliyah
75. Disease, Matchbox 20
76. Oops (Oh My), Tweet
77. Here Is Gone, Goo Goo Dolls
78. Caramel City, High featuring Eve
79. Objection (Tango), Shakira
80. Out Of My Heart, BBMak
81. Girl Talk, TLC
82. Cleanin’ Out My Closet, Eminem
83. Too Bad, Nickelback
84. In A Little While, Uncle Kracker
85. For All Time, Soluna
86. Wrong Impression, Natalie Imbruglia
87. Everyday, Dave Matthews Band
88. Starry Eyed Surprise, Paul Oakenfold
89. Where Are You Going Dave Matthews Band
90. Insatiable, Darrin Hayes
91. Rapture (Tastes So Sweet), iio
92. Son Of A Gun, Janet Jackson
93. The World’s Greatest, R. Kelly
94. Something More, Train
95. Don’t Say Goodbye, Paulina Rubio
96. Walk With Me, Seven & The Sun
97. I Do (Wanna Get Close To You), 3LW
98. Steve McQueen, Sheryl Crow
99. I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, Britney Spears
100. Running Away, Hoobastank