The Parser Staffer Meme

by in Meme on August 11, 2007

Alas, I’m no longer a staffer of The UP Parser, but I shall answer this silly questionnaire found in the egroup nevertheless:


Full name
Adelaida Sophia Marie F. Lucero

Position (editor, staffer, junior staffer, etc. – kung meron pa iba)
(Formerly) Associate Editor and Business Manager. Also layouts and fills in for tasks other people cannot handle.

Favorite smiley and why?

Love or lust? Why? (sorry, wala nang maisip. ayos naman eh. ^_^)
Love. I’ve said this before: “lust will eventually need love” but I guess it doesn’t apply to soulless beings.

Why Parser?
Because it’s the most talented, most passionate, and most creative bunch of students in CompSci! Parse Youuuuuuu! :D

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