Time Waster?

by in Quiz on August 18, 2007

Part One: How Well Do I Save Time?

Give yourself 2 points for each of the following habits you have.

1. I take advantage of my learning style. I know the strategies that help me to learn best and I use them.

2. I have a monthly calendar to help me keep track of my activities and obligations.

3. I have a weekly calendar to help me keep track of my activities and obligations.

4. Every morning I write down a list of the things I have to do.

5. Any time I feel that there are too many things I have to do, I take a few minutes to sit down and organize myself.

6. When I first get to work, I take a few minutes to figure out the things I have to do throughout the day.

7. I have all of my phone numbers in one place.

8. I have stacks of papers which represent things I have to do.

9. I use self-stick note papers to remind me of the things I have to do.
2 (I use virtual post-its. Stickies.)

10. I carry a calculator, so I can do math faster.
2 (Not a sci-cal but my phone calc.)

11. I am not afraid to ask people for information that I need.
2 (“What is it with men and asking for directions?”)

12. I choose to do my work at times when I’m most alert.
2 (It helps to sleep a lot. Haha.)

13. I schedule the tasks I don’t like to do between the tasks that I like, so that I work faster on the things I don’t like to do in order to get to the tasks I enjoy doing.
2 (Damn straight! Doing it right now!)

14. I do two tasks at the same time when one of them requires waiting.
2 (Oh yes especially since my net isn’t at lightning speed.)

15. I make a budget to manage my money. I know how much money to put in the bank and what bills to pay off right when I get paid.

16. I know my environmental preferences and make sure I work under those conditions whenever possible.

17. I get enough sleep, exercise and eat good food. I am in good health.
2/3 (Ummm…)

18. I often review my future goals and obligations.


Part Two: Do I Throw Time Away?

Give yourself 2 points for each of the following habits you have.

1. I am often sleepy at work. I’m more of a night owl than a morning person.
2/2 (Uh, first sentence false; Second sentence true.)

2. I get to work and get busy. I don’t have time to think of my daily obligations or to plan ahead.

3. I like to do just one thing at a time. When the laundry is going, I take a rest.
1 (Sometimes.)

4. I watch TV at least 3 hours a day.
2 (Heh.)

5. When I have a personal or professional problem, it occupies my mind. I can spend hours worrying about something.
0 (Only when I sleep.)

6. I’m not the most organized person in the world. My drawers are a disaster area and it seems that I spend a lot of time hunting around for things.
1 (Disastrous but I can still find things.)

7. I don’t use a calendar to schedule my time.

8. (If you smoke or drink coffee) I usually spend a good five minutes relaxing with my cigarette or cup of coffee every time I get a chance.

9. I often take personal calls at work.

10. When someone wants to meet with me, I often agree, only to find out later that I am busy at that time. Then I have to call up and reschedule. I just can’t keep it all in my head.



Part One Points: 24

Part Two Points: 9

(Subtract Part Two from Part One)

Total: 15

What your final score means:

If you score between 30 and 36 you are excellent at managing your time. Feel free to offer suggestions to others!

If you score between 22 and 28 you are like most people. Look at the suggestions in part one to improve your time management skills.

If you score below 20 you really need to concentrate on improving your time management skills. You seem to waste a lot of time. Chances are that you are not as organized as you could be. Being disorganized can really work against you on a job and in many other situations.


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